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Bread and sweets available only at Cortina

Bakery Bread

Why settle? We have sourced the best local breads and those from around the province. All our bread is fresh baked everyday in our ovens. We specialize in artisan breads that are made from natural ingredients.


We have an extensive variety of amazing pastries to choose from, we guarantee that you will find something to satisfy your sweet tooth!

  • Cannolis - made to order!
  • Lobster Tails
  • Custard Squares
  • and many more!


Just eat the cookie you deserve it! We have a wonderful variety of cookies to choose from including gluten-free options. Enjoy European and traditional cookies such as butter cookies, Amaretti (Almond) cookies, biscotti, wine cookies, ricciarelli and more!


The most important part of any celebration. We have a large variety of cakes available in various shapes and sizes. A cake from Cortina is as memorable and unique as it is delicious. Marie-Antoinette was right!

Click to see our cakes.


We carry a wide and delicious assortment of popular and seasonal pies.